Toddlers-n-TailsIn January of 2008 we adopted our first rescue, a little dog from the Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana. Within a very short time we were friends with the lady that rescued our little dog. We made quilts and blankets and sent them to Lafayette

for the dogs in Rescue. From there we became volunteers and made bandannas and bows for the group to sell. We sent them to ARF in Lafayette to help raise funds for the Vet bills. In Sept of 2010 we bought a truck and trailer, packed up our dogs and went on a road trip to meet the people of our group in Lafayette, Louisiana. We met and fell in love with the Angels of Rescue. We did not want to come home. From the time we got home we started to sew Quilts, Blankets, Plush Pet Mats, Placemats and Bandannas. With the high cost of shipping we wanted sell them ourselves and give the money to ARF-LA. The money goes to help pay the Vet bills, the fee’s to pull from a High Kill Shelter and so many other things needed to save these little lives. We are not a nonprofit organization, we are not a not for profit organization, we are just 2 people with 3 little dogs that want to give back by trying to try save a life, one dog at a time. We want to help make a difference in saving the lives of dogs that people so easily throw away as trash.

How our Products are used:
In creating our products we have discovered that all of our products can be used by both dogs and kids. People have purchased our Plush Pet Mats as Change Pads for their babies. The Quilts and Blankets that we designed to fit rescued dogs are also a perfect size for babies and as a throw cover for kids. Our Placemats were created because we have three dogs and we wanted each to have their own spot to go and eat. Our great nieces wanted to pick their own as well. The placemats are sold as each so they work for both kids and dogs. All our products were designed with Rescue in mind, machine wash and dry, over and over again. They are designed to last.

Sue Winter – Barb Lennox
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Event Details for 2022
Friday Nov 4th 2022 from 5pm – 9pm,
Saturday and Sunday Nov 5th and 6th , 10am –  4pm

Location: 11 High St at the Corner of High Street and Burnside Road West in Victoria, British Columbia.

ABOUT THE SHOW: In keeping with the season, our show has a wide variety of juried handmade items including: Crackers, Body Care Products, Original Artwork, Handmade Cards, Jewellery, Knitting, Fibre work, Metal and glass, Adult and Children’s Clothing, honey, jams and jellies, sweet treats and Gourmet Food to take home and eat in. Corner of High Street and Burnside Road West Victoria,Canada B.C . A list of vendors are below in the Gift Guide.

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  1. Linda says:

    As a volunteer with Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana, I can not find words to say how much having Barb & Sue as volunteers with ARF-LA has made for us. Having them as friends is a true blessing in life. Their love for animals and great desire to help homeless dogs is heart warming. Their help is so very appreciated as well as the beautiful products they have donated. I am amazed at the quality of the awesome kennel mats and blankets. After many washings they still come out of the drier looking new. The colors stay bright and I have never had one come unsewn or the filling bunch up. I know our foster dogs feel pampered, some for the very first time in their lives. To each person who purchases one or more of the T&T hand made products, I thank you very much.

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